Saturday, April 25, 2009

MUN Childcare Centre fundraiser - Win a session!

A great new contest/fundraiser at the MUN Childcare Centre!!

The MUN Childcare Centre is a non-profit childcare centre and relies of fundraising efforts. In this case you can buy a ticket ($2/each or 3/$5) and have the chance to win a free session with a framed 8x10.

This is a $400 value. Draw date is May 8th.

A display of my work is hanging in the Childcare Centre lobby until the draw date.

Details here:

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sweet little baby girl. - St. John's baby photographer -

I am making a pact with my scanner to not neglect it so much!

A recent session. A sweet little 4 month old girl with her family. Babies of this age can be tricky as they are not young enough to tolerate being physically manipulated like a newborn . . . but they are too old to sit up and such on their own. This session was a family session so luckily we had the best props of all . . . mom and dad!


Not so serious!

Baby in the middle.

Their great dog. I loved him. I considered trading in a cat or a camera to get my own greyhound. So beautiful and gentle.


End of The Belly Event

Just wanted to remind that the Belly Event has now ended. I look forward to photographing the pregnant ladies who booked and meeting your new babes! I still have not found an outfit like MIA's, but never say never. ;)