Friday, August 19, 2011

Poppy and Toby


My Poppy is the best. He is strong and kind and generous. I'm sure I must be his favorite grandchild, or maybe he is just good at making me feel that. His best friend is a small fluffy dog named Toby who loves a good car ride. One day I made an excuse to visit by bringing old cameras. The first few are from a Nikon FG + Tmax400. The next few are Yashica Mat + delta 3200 and the last three are Holga + delta 3200.


The next two were Yashica Mat and Delta 3200 developed in Xtol. A grainy combination! 



I've been thinking about grandmothers lately. Both of mine are passed away and I miss them. When I start deep thinking I become generous . . . Anyone who calls me before midnight tonight to book a session with a grandmother gets a complimentary hand printed 8x10 fibre print. A great grandmother gets an 11x14. ;)