Monday, October 25, 2010

More sessions added

I have added three more Xmas session dates. Nov 3rd, 5th, 6th. All are early morning sessions.

Then that is really it for Xmas sessions. Really really.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Saturday session

Hello friends,

I just had a last minute reschedule of this Saturday (Oct 23rd) session. It is the last of it's kind that has a Christmas deadline for order delivery. This is a juicy slot to open up.

First come, first served. ;)


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More from blankie boy

A few more favorites from the blankie boy of a few posts ago.

Family of three and 1/2.


Pulling Teeth

Everyone is a photographer these days. Everyone has a pocket camera taking 100's of photos of every thing that happens. Despite this reality I do not take many photos of my own family (outside of the kids) because I always feel like I am being annoying when I haul out a camera. It is probably due to the splattering of groans and moans from almost every face. As if I take too many photos. I do not. I need to take more. Many more.

Here is the story of one roll of family  film.

My Father in law made his first ever trip to NL a few weeks ago. We went to my fathers house and the two gentlemen met for the first time. My fathers name is Allan. My father in laws name is Bruce. My son is Bruce Allan. Needless to say I was insistent on a lovely photo of Bruce Allan with Bruce and Allan. Bruce and Allan and Bruce Allan proceeded to moan. I got about three minutes. Young Bruce was long on energy and Grandfathers were short on patience. This will do.

Okay how about one with three generation of Ramsay men? Young Bruce was really squirrely by this time.

Spotting a daughter I made her get a picture with both Grandfathers. *whine whine whine - FINE*.

I made her *hug them fer chrissakes!*. Better. This is as good as it gets. Still, a photo with both grandfathers is a treasure!

When she saw it she said *omg, that's hideous*. Sigh. She'll appreciate it eventually.

The other daughter was at gymnastics. Pity that since she is the only one who actually likes getting her picture taken.

I did manage to take a bunch more colour photos during supper.  Laughing and carrying on. Snapshots. Not for me. For them! If I don't take pictures, who will?

Holga Fisheye fun

Holga + fisheye lens + ringflash = fun!

These are all just around the house.

My girl. Fisheye has a lot of distortion (understatement!!).

My boy. He was very angry and ran away from me (in the living room). I found him in the kitchen in the space between the drawers and the fridge.

My cat named Holga. Holga with Holga!

My boy loves Holgas too!

Then I had two frames left so I took it to a session. I thought it would be a fun way to loosen the kiddos up. As it turns out I was right. Let's face it, this camera is not very intimidating.

This was shot #1 of the session. Fun indeed!  It set us up nicely to have a great time together. I'll have to scan more of this session. It was good one. ;)