Friday, March 19, 2010


This is a tough blog post to write. I am resisting the urge to gush too much about how much I love this kid! She is so smart and sweet and animated. Makes for a fun morning of taking pictures.

I broke my own rule and showed too many proofs to mom and dad. It's tough when every picture had a different expression. In the end their favorites were my favorites so it all worked out. Since I have another rule about blogging too many from the same session I'll really reign it in here and only show a few.

How to choose? I have no idea. Random favorites will have to do.

(click to enlarge)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby Boy

Sweet little baby boy with his parents.

As is typical for me my favorite image is the one taken on break. One of these days I'll be doing a blog post on those photos taken while on break. They are always my best shots. There is a lesson in that for me, a lesson to relaaaaaax. I tend to be hyper but I let my guard down during break and then - BAM - great shot. Must reflect on that idea.

Anyhoo, here he is. :)

New (old) cameras

So I had an epiphany. I decided that with the way I shoot 35mm I need a rangefinder. I like the look of photos taken with a rangefinder. I like the history of rangefinders.

I also wanted a small camera I could just throw in my purse and have whenever I needed it. 35mm SLR is just too darned bulky for that. I want no big lenses, no battery packs . . . just easy. I have small hands and really like the size of rangefinders.

Although I'd like to go out and get a new Leica m7 on a whim, I thought some research was my best bet.

Step one? Find out if I even liked using a rangefinder! So different than SLR and I had never used one in my life. So I bought a Canonet GIII from a guy locally . . . nothing fancy but a reported sharp lens and decent meter.

Long story short . . . I LOVE it! 1st roll was 36 frames, all in focus. Camera itself is so small and cute and easy to use. It has found a home in my purse and I vow here and now to take more snapshots of the kids.

Next step? Find a rangefinder with removable lenses and build a system that will allow me to get rid of 35mm SLRs completely. Do all 35mm work with a rangefinder.

Two Leica bodies and some lenses . . . we are looking at 20+ grand. I'll need to do a leica promotion. A fundraising benefit concert. Something. Anything other than saving and patience!!

Anyway . . . here are a few snapshots from that test roll.

Dirty mirrors add character to self portraits.

Husband with a handy beard for lens sharpness test.

Snapshot! Kid doing homework! Easy!

My boy jumping on his great grandfather. Moving(ish) subject focus test.

The same guy that sold me the Canonet had a Yashica Mat for sale so I bought that too. I have had TLRs in the past, but they have never worked. I ran a roll of film through this but did something wrong, not sure, but only 1/2 the frames fired. I'll need to sit down and see if it is my error or another broken camera. Either way, here is my boy and his Great Grandfather again, TLR style. Oh yes, this is also some Tmax 400 film that expired 12 years ago!! Wow.

Monday, March 8, 2010


This is a mama to be . . . any day now . . . stay tuned!