Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sun and Rain? No fear! Snow is on it's way . . .

Sometimes one can't help but feel like they are the victim of a cosmic prankster.

I announce a promotion involving snow . . . at it rains for days and then the sun emerges to melt the city down to pavement. Old coffee cups and peices of last falls garbage are taunting me.

Fear not. There is snow in the forcast. It will snow again. And again and again before winter releases it's grip.

In the meantime I am headed into the woods to find the snow the sun can't reach . . .

Monday, February 18, 2008


Winter in Newfoundland can seem to go on and on. We often search for new and interesting ways to pass the dreary days. One day I was out and about with my kids and I found a fun and quirky way to make some great winter portraits. Using my Holga (a toy camera) equipped with its fisheye lens I found the resulting winter scenes reminded me of snowglobes. What fun! Delighted with myself I sought out a few other kids and I am officially hooked.

I have decided to spend the rest of this winter offering a Snowglobe package. I want to bundle your kids up and take them out in the snow! That might mean a dive in a fresh snow bank, maybe a stroll down a wintery lane, or a simple portrait at home . . . possibilities are endless. Well not endless . . . we need snow. Luckily for this promotion we have weeks and weeks of that left.

From now until the snow ends I will be offering the following Snowglobe package: One session in the snow, the 5" proofs, and a framed 11" custom print for the total price of $500.00. This is a special price that includes the proofs (not something usually offered) and a saving on framing.

Snowglobes can also be added on to a regular session for $250. This means a session in your home, with your child’s toys and pets and family, followed by a romp in the snow outside. The 11" framed portrait and the Snowglobe proofs are included, with other enlargements a la carte.

These sessions are very limited, and will only be offered until the spaces fill up. At this time I am only booking Snowglobe sessions until the end of March . . . I am optimistic that we will run out of snow after that . . . fingers crossed!

Here are a few samples . . . check back as I scan more Snowglobe negatives in the coming days.