Friday, June 24, 2011

Taking Turns

I've been known to let my young subjects use my camera. Sometimes it's an icebreaker, sometimes it's to gain trust, sometimes it's just the cost of doing business.

Usually they take pictures of their feet, or their toys, or their parents or their little brothers.

This little one liked to take pictures of me. This was a first and I went with the flow. We had a deal where I took one of her and she took one of me. We did a few rounds of this. Most of the ones of me were not in focus and/or exposed wrong due to the giant window behind my head. Still, it was neat to see how I look from a four year old point of view

One of me.

One of her. Isn't she a beauty?

Isn't this the face of a woman you want to take your child's photo? They love me!

I smiled. Now you smile.

She had a whole family that was also in photos . .  here are a few.

 And we'll end this post with a Holga family image. I love it when clients order a Holga image as the largest image. That $20 camera pays for itself 15x over every session. ;)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthday Giveaway!

Today is my birthday. I want to share the love.

Every session booked today gets a free 11x14 print.

Today. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow is just the 18th. Lame.

It's my day . . . and yours too!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby Tyler graduates

The youngest of my baby brothers graduated high school.  He was born the same day I got my first job at McDonalds. It was a very big day in my life. I remember it as clear as if it was yesterday. It was 17.5 years ago. Wow.

Here are a few of him and his girlfriend. They are very cute and in love.

I'll add more when I get more time. I'm being rushed out to a dinner date. (I'm ready, I'm ready!!)


This session was payback for a friend who did me  HUGE favour. Tit for Tat. Lesson: Do me a HUGE (must be HUGE)  favour and I'll give you a session. ;)

Check out these handsome boys. Boys this age really are not keen on sitting still so I don't ask. Can you see me playing with them? Can you hear the giggles? We had a great time.

We played under the table.

We shared tea.

We jammed.

We carried on with  general foolishness.