Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spotlight: One year old

The first birthday is a great time to have portraits made. It is a classic milestone (I know I had portraits done at that age) but it is classic for a reason. By the time babies are a year old they have started that transition from their baby-selves into their kid-selves.

I have great fun watching a one year old watch the world. They are peeking and creeping and eagle-eyed. It sometimes means they are too busy to watch the lens, but I have tricks. Tricks and songs and rhymes.

This little ones favorite of the day goes like this:

slowly . . . slowly . . . very . . . slowly goes the garden snail
slowly . . . slowly . . . very . . . slowly up the garden rail
quicklyquicklyveryquickly goes the little mouse
quicklyquicklyveryquickly to his little house!

If you decide to schedule a session with your one year old be prepared to be in the pictures. For all the excitement out there to discover, a one year old still thinks her parents are the most exciting thing of all!

(as always, click to enlarge)





Thanks to all

Thanks to all the pregnant ladies who have contacted me regarding the birth photography offer.

I now have a lady as well as a list of names in case the first lady does not work out for whatever reason.

As soon as she *pops* I will have the sample book up on my website.

In the meantime if anyone is interested in birth photography, and is due October or later, please contact me to discuss.

I hope to book a birth a month and will not be booking more than that as I do not want to be on call every day. :P September and January are booked already, so anyone who thinks they will want this service, and who wants to secure their spot . . . contact me.

Please be advised that while the exact amount is still being calculated (I will wait until after the *sample* is complete to finalize the numbers) but the amount will be at least $3000 for a leather bound coffe table style book featuring the birth story.

Stay tuned for the sample book. I am very excited and may have to bring my lady some spicey food and take her for a bumpy car ride to move things along!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Spotlight: Maternity

This was fun for me. A beautiful lady on a beautiful day on the beautiful Signal Hill.

(Seriously, I need to just pack up and move to Signal Hill!)

Maternity portraits are something I've just recently started to offer. I love the little babies produced so I figured I'd better get in good with Mom while she is not too distracted be diapers and spit up.

It is best to call early in the pregnancy and schedule the session for about 32-35 weeks gestation.

I also offer a maternity/newborn combo session that entails one proofing meeting for both sessions with a small savings on the session fee. So instead of $250 per session you get both sessions for $400.

These are some Holga, some Bronica. All Hp5+.

This one is so cute. I had ideas, but sometimes kids dictate how things will go. For best results, it's best to listen. :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Topsail Beach and Signal Hill

Topsail beach is awesome. We recently spent a family day there and it was the first time I had ever been there in daylight. I was so sad that I only brought one roll of film in my holga! Since I need more shots we will have to go back very soon. Luckily the family thinks that is a-okay as long as we can bring more wood and marshmallows.

First up my camera shy girl. She was not shy of that water though! Notice her clothes . . . still on.

My not-camera-shy girl. She is the opposite of camera shy. She also thought a t-shirt and shorts was just fine for swimming!

And the boys. Somewhere along the way my little guy turned into a cheese monster. With a photographer mother who is lactose intolerant . . . it is a bit of a mystery.

See what I mean . . . cheesetastic. Signal Hill at 9pm. We barely caught the last seconds of daylight.

I think he may be taking secret lessons from his sister, who is always ready for her closeup.