Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Latest Cameras

So I am a mega fan of the White Stripes. I am also a mega fan of the Holga camera. So imagine my delight when the White Stripes put out a limited edition Holga! I had to have one and indeed did get one for myself (from the family *wink* ) for Christmas. They put out two cameras actually: The *Jack* Holga with a fisheye lens (which is what I knew I would get under my tree) and they also put out a *Meg* Diana+ camera with ringflash which is another plastic fantastic camera that I was surprised to find also for me Christmas morning. I am a lucky gal. In fact there was only 3000 produced and I have two . . . lucky indeed.

So here are some test shots from those first few rolls.

First the Diana . . . images sort of hazy . . . dream-like . . . like vaseline on a holga lens . . . I have to take it outside and see how it treats the corners in the bright daylight.

And the fisheye + ringflash combo for the holga . . . I took *meg's* ringflash and gave it to *jack*. It is it's own quirky look . . . amuses me . . . round image.

and for comparison sake here is a non-fisheye holga image taken the same time. I was about 4 feet further back to try and get the heads a similar size in both images for the sake of the test.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Limited Edition Sessions

Soon I will announce all the details of my upcoming winter themed limited edition session. Stay tuned!

New year, renewed blogger

After a little back and forth with myself, I've decided to dedicate myself to a minimum of 5 new blog posts a week. This is slightly more realistic than, say, everyday.

Fact is, I enjoy sharing my thoughts and images in this forum. The trouble is the ever present gargoyle called self doubt that sits upon my shoulder and whispers in my ear that I would be remiss in thinking I had a point of view of interest. Thankfully I got a cute red and white gargoyle beater for Christmas and after breaking it out of the box it is doing it's thing and keeping that insipid creature at bay for now.

Here a couple of cute pictures of my little guy that just turned the big 0-1. Colour photos because, well, sometimes he needs it.