Friday, August 20, 2010

Brothers on the Hill

Three years ago I went to Signal Hill with these sweet brothers. Just a few weeks ago we went back.

I'll mention it every time - I love repeat clients!!

(click to view larger, if that's your thing)

Here we were 3 years ago:

. . . and with mom and dad (who were not really in the pictures that day).

3 years later: The boys are now old enough to understand that my Holga camera has secrets inside and I encouraged them to figure it out.

What are the secrets? Only small subjects get to know!

Enough of that, we played cars

And played on cannons:

And then got down to business taking portraits:

I let them pose themselves. It's better that way.

And last but not least, one with mom (who was not really in the pictures this day either.)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New scanner = happiness

Money can't buy happiness, this is true.

You know what money can buy? A new scanner!

A new scanner makes me happy.

I knew my old scanner was on it's last legs. I tried my best to muddle through. I chose to spend my money on film or lenses or more Holga cameras rather than a piece of computer equipment (I am all film after all, computer is not my end game). Well after ten minutes with this new scanner I now realize how much time I wasted *fixing* bad scans. You see, my negatives are almost always perfectly exposed/processed but my scans were horrific. I tried scanning prints but they looked  even worse. As a result I scanned very little. There is not much motivation to scan and share work with the Internet public when my lovely work looked like poo.

No more!!

Here is the first print scanned. An 8x10 that I chose for this test because it made me crazy last year when the old scanner rejected it over and over. Less than 20 seconds with the new scanner and I have a scan that looks close to identical  to the original print,  with no adjustments.Raw scan just resized. (as always, click to view larger, if you're into that sort of thing!)

The first 120 film scanned. Myself last week on the top of windy Butterpot Hill with a Holga Fisheye.

Lastly the first 35mm scanned. Look ma, no adjustments!!

And now I feel the need to rescan every single bad scan I have and redo my entire website from scratch. So it goes with spending money. One things leads  to another. ;)

p.s. It's safe to expect a flood of photo posts over the next few days. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hugh Crawford

His name was Hugh Crawford. He took a polariod photo a day for 18-ish years. Up to and including the day he died at age 41 of cancer. When I saw this link I looked quickly. Then I went back.I have looked through the photos in sequence a few times over the past few days. I'm hypnotized.

Today everyone takes pictures. Everyone takes many pictures. Most of them are nonsense and overkill. One photo a day is so much effective. The story is here and does not get tedious. Look.

You must go through from start to finish. Click quickly if you must.