Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cats and Kittens

So my cat had kittens! Just two. My kids love it. I'll admit, they are so sweet.

There was a good few hours between kittens. Mama has that look of shock and horror doesn't she?

Here they are having sides (our family word for breastfeeding, haha )

And here is how she spent her time at first. On her back.

Now they are all grown up and ready for new homes. I took a few photos in an attempt to make them so adorable that someone would want both! I really want them to go together. Together forever. :)

Here is my girl with the two of them.

And here she is with the Mama cat a couple of years ago. The babies look like their mama that is for sure.

So if anyone wants a kitten or two . .. call me!!