Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Family Photography - St. John's Newfoundland photographer

A family from away contacted me about a family session while staying in St. John's. We went to Signal Hill to find an incredibly cold and windy day. The good thing about Signal Hill is that in addition to the views there are many places to tuck away from the wind and when we did we had much happier kids. Flexibility when photographing children is an absolute requirement.

All the squares are made with Holga. I even shot some colour in my Holga. I'll put colour film in the Holga camera any time you ask nicely.

This next one was my favourite of the day. 

Try Try Again

List of things I am really good at:

- Trivia
- Cooking 
- Acting the Fool
- Taking pictures of People

List of things I'm not good at:

- Connect Four
- Swimming
- Being still and/or serious
- Blogging, especially while renovating a house!!

So I had grand ambitions of a Post a  day in May to celebrate my 10 year anniversary of taking portraits for money. I had it all planned out in my mind, it was great. What I did not mention is that I recently bought a house that is in a great location but needs a lot of renovating. This renovating has been ongoing and between that and kids and other life interruptions my blogging plan fell apart. 

Forget blogging plans. I am not a blogger. I am a photographer!! 

Sharing photos. That's all you'll get from me. That's all that matters.