Friday, May 13, 2011

Baby Boy

This sweet little guy is 3 months old. I photographed him with his parents at their home.

A softer moment with Delta 3200. I love this grainy film, especially in the 120 format. This is a case where scanning doesn't do the grain any justice. If you click it you can see it clearer but still not as good as in person. The grain adds such character.

 All the rest here are HP5 or Tmax 400 in 35mm. The last is toned with just a touch of sepia. Every film adds it's own flavour. It's the beauty of film!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We have a babydoll that has been kicking around the house since my oldest was a baby. I'd say the doll has been around more than 10 years. My son likes to play with this particular doll and has re-named named him Gladder. He pretends Gladder is the baby brother and big brother is as sweet as can be with him. One day I caught him playing on the bed. I grabbed the nearest camera with a long lens and took a bunch of photos.

"Oh Gladder, you have such little fingers"

"Oh Gladder are you hungry? I'm sorry I don't have any milk. Do you want to suck my finger?"

"Shh Shh Shh, don't cry."

"Maybe we should put you in the window. Do you feel better?"

 Then he caught me looking at him. He posed with Gladder.

I love this kid!!