Friday, March 21, 2014

Neighbourhood cat - George

So many cats around my house. I love them all and will eventually get them all - on film!

Holga. Tri-x @ 1600.

Lost sessions - St. John's Newfoundland family photographer

Some sessions don't get blogged. Maybe I didn't get the negatives scanned to cd, maybe I scanned them at home and put them in a computer file only to forget, maybe I have the negatives in a paper folder meaning to scan them . . . Whatever the reason I am going to get through some of these sessions so that I may file these negatives away for long term storage.

First up is a newborn baby belonged to my friend Kim whose maternity session was featured here.

Baby boy

Original Bromance



I didn't love the family photo of this session nearly as much as the 6 month later extended family photo, recently shared here on the blog.