Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rice is Nice!

This post is a public thanks to Terry Rice ( ). He had some darkroom gear that was of no use to him and he asked me if I wanted it. I said yes, figuring that even if it was junk I might get a few bits and bobs of useful darkroom trinkets out of  it.

Well I picked it up yesterday and it is definately not junk!! 2- 4x5 enlargers, 2 Jobo processors with enough tanks and reels to get me through 2020, lightbox, film dryer etc etc. Score! This is a text book definition of *one man's junk is another (wo)mans treasure.* As a digital guy this darkroom gear was just taking up space for Terry. As a film gal this is useful equipment that will be used on a very regular basis. I've actually already used the lightbox to help go through this mornings negatives.I am thrilled.

So if you need a photographer and you don't like me (sob!) or you are getting married etc . . . call Terry!

Thank you Terry. If I ever have any old computer gear I don't need you will be my first call!!

Busy as a beaver

I am too busy to scan very much this summer. Between sessions and proofing meetings and darkroom printing and my own kids' busy schedules and my house renovations . . . whew. Scanning gets dropped from the list.

A quick random couple from the stack of negatives being proofed right now.

This baby and her mama had a fantastic maternity session that I will share in due time. Wonderful family.

This great family (and repeat clients- woohoo) wanted a Cape Spear session before moving away from NL.  Here they tried their best not to get blown off  the scenery. I love it. (click to enlarge, best viewed big)

Taking a break from the wind.

That's it for now. Back to summer.

Friday, July 2, 2010


I use powdered film developeers. This is due to the fact that where I live it cost a fortune to ship liquid chemicals. I have settled into using dektol for everything. As a result I was getting bored.

Hey x-tol is a powder! So I tried it.

I'll admit I have not printed anything from these yet but the negs and the scans look really good. Really very good. I'll stick with this x-tol for a few more test rolls and I might have a new regular developer. It's hard to tell in a scan but the negs themselves look very dynamic and sharp.

My kid and her cello and  medium format delta 3200.

My kid and her cello and 35mm HP5.

p.s. don't you love her *cello face* where she sucks in her cheeks juuuuuust a tad. So cute.

Look Ma, no head!!

I have a friend who asked about some maternity images for her soon to be doula-website. We wanted some non-portrait, any-woman type maternity images. I said *no problem* and started looking through my work. As it turned out I had very little that would be classified as non-portrait. Apparently I like faces and connection in my work.

I took this as a challenge. Could I do a maternity session and get anything without a face that I actually liked?

I called up the most pregnant lady I know. She was happy to oblige as I tested this new-to-me maternity style.

Turns out I liked a few of these. Lesson learned.

I will consider this as an addendum to my maternity approach. I still like faces and connection best and it is no surprise that my favorites are the ones with her beautiful face. :)

. .