Monday, November 16, 2009

Big rock and baby brother

Right in the center of Topsail Beach, partially submerged when the tide is in, there is the best rock that can rival any rock on any beach in the world. I really think it was placed there for pregnant moms to recline whilst being photographed, there is no other explanation.

After baby came I went to their home to meet him. Here he is very sweet and alert.

He is really settled in to his role as the baby brother. Here he is barely a week old and already pulling ears and teasing big brother.

This was my favorite from the session. Sibling love. So so sweet.


As I threw away the last of the sticky suckers this morning it occurred to me that I did not post our Halloween this year.

One Clown.

One Hanna Montana.

One Spiderman.

One dead runner.

boo. :)