Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Belly Event!! - Maternity Photographer St John's, Newfoundland

So a couple of weeks ago I was watching the Grammy awards. On comes M.I.A. . . . she was 9 months pregnant (due that day!) and she ROCKED IT!! I wanted the other hip hoppers preforming with her to get off the stage (and not just because I am not a hip hop fan!). She absolutely stole the show. The Grammy folks have removed all the videos on the Internet of the performance . . . but here is a photo:


She was so awesome to me that it made me really want to shoot more maternity. Maybe even in that outfit (if I could find something like that). Also in regular outfits. All sorts of outfits!

So in honor of M.I.A. I am partnering with CooChiCoo to offer:

The Belly Event!!

Book a Newborn session and get a complimentary Maternity session. Look for this card at CooChiCoo:

The fine print:

- Special will be honored with presentation of receipt from CooChiCoo AND payment of Newborn session.
- Newborn session includes babies from birth until 6 weeks old.
- Newborn sessions are booked in pencil. Dates are kept open to accommodate those babies that arrive earlier than expected and those babies that arrive later than expected. It is clients responsibility to contact me to re-schedule the appointment. Only one re-schedule is permitted.
- Both Maternity and Newborn session will be proofed together approximately one week after completion of the Newborn session.
- Regular print prices apply.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hugs and Noogies. - Family photograper St. John's, Newfoundland

Sometimes it's nice to shoot some older kids. Don't get me wrong, I love babies to pieces, but they rarely listen. ;) These boys were repeat clients, which made the whole thing all the better! I loved their photos with their cousins from a couple of years ago and I love these new family photos. Family photos can be a trick: getting everyone on the same page and in the same vibe. Thankfully in this case Dad was a cracker! That helps. A lot. Makes a fun afternoon. :D

First up, a reminder of the cousins shot from a few years ago. This shot has some significance to me in that it was the first time I ever trusted myself to go Holga on a group like this. I had some safe shots with a fancy camera . . but this one was *the one* and a nice big copy of it was gifted to Grandma that year for Xmas. It was a hit. Holga power!

Here they are now . . . with Mom and Dad instead of cousins! A fairly traditional family shot.

With the family dog in a less traditional family shot.

A fairly traditional brothers shot using the Holga.

A less traditional brothers shot using the power of the noogie. If this doesn't scream BROTHERS and/or BOYS . . . well I give up. :P

Monday, February 23, 2009

Cutie - Baby photograper St. John's, Newfoundland

Isn't she cute? I love this age: old enough to sit up and respond to my songs and rhymes but too young to run away!

Strawberry tongue

How can you resist that face!

This smile was Mom's favorite. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

An extended family session - Family photograper St. John's Newfoundland

This took place at the great little coffee shop called Anchorage Coffee at 106 Water street. The building is beautiful and the space is friendly and quaint. I plan to use it as my go-to downtown coffee place for my morning kid and coffee chats.

And one that became an instant fave . . . funny because this was a repeat client and there was another instant fave from the first session. I'll attach the old fave (on Signal Hill) and the new fave (in the awesome window of Anchorage Coffee).

A letter to my blog.

Dear Blog,

Oh my poor neglected blog. I'm so sorry for ignoring you this long. Christmas came and it took all my attention to finish my printing and so on. Then I got sick and then I got sicker and sicker. I broke some bones and just generally had a dreary time. I am feeling a bit better now though . . . I can feel bits of energy running through me. I am going to scan like a crazy person and post some sessions and maybe a personal photo and then I'll even post about some upcoming events/etc.

Forgive me blog.