Monday, April 23, 2012

April Showers bring May Flowers.

Good morning readers.  Today is the day I kick this thing into high gear.

The past few months have been difficult on a personal level and they have taken their toll on me. I happen to be a person who does not find inspiration in sadness and as a result my photography had taken a back seat to my drama. Enough of that. I have the drama under control and I can, pardon the pun, see the light. I feel an enormous sense of relief and I am happier than ever. With happiness comes that full as a tick feeling that creative people get just before they work their asses off creating.

I'm back. I'm ready to see all your babies and bellies and kids and critters. I'm ready to see the joy in the little moments and find the soul int their faces. I'm ready. My new darkroom has been an amazing place for me to be and I am ready to continue to develop new film and print new photographs. I'm ready to be in there so much that I'll have the stench of fixer permeate my clothes and the stain of selenium under my fingernails.

Today I will begin the long process of scanning and updating. By the end of the week you will see a new website and new photos. You will also see my latest winning entry into the NL & Lab Arts and Letters Awards (that's the third win, for those keeping track).

I can't wait.

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