Thursday, September 11, 2008

A few quick ones of mine

A few from a recent roll or two of my kids. I tend to take a lot of snapshots with the Holga camera. Sometimes even in colour! I'm considering starting to develop my own colour film. Not printing, too many variables, but I think I could handle the film part. My next order of darkroom supplies will likely include the gear and chemicals to try it. As I tell the kids . . . the first step to doing is trying!

Nanny is a rower at the regatta. Go Nanny! Nanny didn't win, but not for lack of effort!

Another from the Regatta. Uncle was happy to spin her around and around . . . and around.

Boy distracted by baseball. We were on our way to the swings but never made it.

First day of school. Guess the grades!

The best big sisters let baby brothers ride their bikes.

Lastly . . . me 4am at a recent birth. Excuse the out of focus. I didn't take the picture!

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