Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little newborn man

This baby belongs to this mama. Isn't he sweet? He is so calm and alert. He was very interested in my cameras and my movement. AT only 10 days old he fits the definition of old soul.

This is also a great chance for me to talk about my approach to newborns. There are many many photographers who would have spent much time trying to get this baby to sleep so they could confuse him with a prop and proceed to manipulate him into contrived poses. Sometimes that type of newborn photography is well done, but most of the time I just feel sorry for the baby. My approach with newborn portraiture is the same as with all portraiture: Gain trust and engage and crack the surface. I might not always 100% succeed but I always go for that connection. Even with newborns. They are people after all, just teeny tiny totally adorable people. I also like to focus on the new relationship with mom/dad and baby. I do not mean stripping everyone down and treating baby as an egg to balance, rather that love and awe that new parents feel. It is beautiful and real and makes the portraits about the people in them, rather than the cleverness of the photographer.

I have more newborns coming up. I can't wait. Keep them coming I say. ;)

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