Friday, May 3, 2013

A Post a Day in May- 3 of 31

*This spring marks 10 year anniversary of trading money for portraits. Stay tuned for a portrait special TBA.* 

A recent Maternity Newborn session. I enjoy these very much. I get to celebrate the mother and then get to come back and celebrate the baby and new family!! It's a great privilege.

We did the Maternity session on Signal Hill. Literally endless scenes and backdrops to be found. 

Beautiful Mom-to-be. 

Bronica 645 + Tmax.

Holga and bright sun always means fun leaks.

Here are three versions of the same photo. First up - straight and stylish. 

This is Holga with overlapping frames. It is as easy as not manually advancing the film all the way to the next frame. The image is exactly as it appears on the strip of film, including all the film edges. This is something I do at almost every session but it's always a gamble since it relies heavily on the highly sophisticated technique of guessing. In this case I guessed correctly and this was ordered as a fantastic 12x20 print. Framed up it looked amazing. 

This one might be my favourite. It was the last frame of the day. I said "last frame say hi to your baby - she's in the camera" and the parents just LIT UP! For a very split second they looked for her in the camera and it was adorable. 

Who wouldn't be excited to see this little darling?

Sweet little baby who was loved by all generations.

A new family was born!!

Sealskin!! I need to get one. 

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