Sunday, January 17, 2010

Birthday boy!!

A few days late, but Happy Birthday to my favorite guy! He is the big 3!!

He is no longer a baby. It makes me sad to think there are no more babies in the house. Never say never, but never is looking likely. Having bigger kids around is a constant reminder that as cute as babies are they turn into kids. Buggers. When I expressed my no-babies-sadness to my husband he said "sure, lets get a litter of kittens while we are at it!! I *get it*.

I'm still sad though. Look at his sweet face. Each kid I have is so amazing that it makes me want to try and see what the next one will be like. Roll the genetic dice one more time.

This guy is not a baby. He pees in the toilet and using manners and has not ridden in the sling in months. He can draw faces and play hockey and has time outs.

I love him to pieces. Every night I tell him that he is *the best best boy in the whole wide world* and he replies in his sweet little voice *you are the best best mommy in the whole wide world*. I say thanks. He says your welcome. Then I turn out the light and say goodnight. It is the best. Actually, the best best in the whole wide world. :)

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jto said...

love you too Brucey!!!